To Tobacco or not?

We are growing a variety of plants that we won’t necessarily sell or even use. We wanted to get them in the earth to see what lessons they had to teach us.

One plant that we are working with on this level is tobacco.

-1You might ask, why on earth would you want to grow such a disliked plant such as tobacco? After all aren’t  you promoting health through the plants? Perhaps we should re-think this notion. The plant itself might have inherent wisdom. Is it that we are simply abusing this plant? In working with this plant, it has come to me – call it divine communication, intuition speaking, whatever you prefer – this is a sacred plant. One that was used primarily in ceremonial customs less than 100 years ago. Much like wine and other types of alcohol.

I don’t condone either. In fact, as a  young child, I pestered my mother so much that she finally gave up smoking just to get me off her back.  I do wonder though, if we got closer to the plant in a more natural state,  might we come to realize that all things in nature are sacred. Quite literally, physically closer to its roots. Not meant to be abused.  I like the gift this plant has come to teach me.