The Land We Tend

michael&dana greenhouse2

Field Apothecary and Herb Farm is a homegrown herb farm. We are situated on 3 acres in the village of Germantown NY located in the Hudson Valley. All of our herbs are ecologically grown, harvested and processed by hand. We believe good food & drink are the best “medicine” and herbs used in daily practice can greatly help to enhance overall health & well-being.

We are creating a Grassroots Healthy Care System for & with our community. We invite people to have a very hands-on-in-the earth experience. By spending time on the farm, others will learn how to incorporate herbs into their daily practice to bring a more balanced lifestyle. We believe herbs are an empowering tool to have on hand and in the home. They are useful in promoting good health and preventing dis-ease.  Given today’s hectic lifestyle regime, it is valuable to have knowledge on how to use herbal remedies for common seasonal conditions.

We are most happy to have created a space for the ever amazing plants. We hope you will join us on the journey!