Field Notes

To Tobacco or not?

We are growing a variety of plants that we won’t necessarily sell or even use. We wanted to get them in the earth to see what lessons they had to teach us.

One plant that we are working with on this level is tobacco.

-1You might ask, why on earth would you want to grow such a disliked plant such as tobacco? After all aren’t  you promoting health through the plants? Perhaps we should re-think this notion. The plant itself might have inherent wisdom. Is it that we are simply abusing this plant? In working with this plant, it has come to me – call it divine communication, intuition speaking, whatever you prefer – this is a sacred plant. One that was used primarily in ceremonial customs less than 100 years ago. Much like wine and other types of alcohol.

I don’t condone either. In fact, as a  young child, I pestered my mother so much that she finally gave up smoking just to get me off her back.  I do wonder though, if we got closer to the plant in a more natural state,  might we come to realize that all things in nature are sacred. Quite literally, physically closer to its roots. Not meant to be abused.  I like the gift this plant has come to teach me.





4.20.2013 An Herb Festival Right in Downtown Manhattan


We love seeing others proliferating the experience of healing plants. An Herb Festival is coming to New York NY.  Check out the production of Sleep No More and the concoctions brought to life at Gallow Green all within the confines of the McKittrick Hotel in NYC NY. Their first date for the festival is already sold out so they’ve had to add another date to the production so more folks get the opportunity to join in – all good signs that the plants are summoning us!




Whenever I sit down to break bread, in my mind I ask that the food nourish me so that I may help nourish others. This is a wonderful practice! A generous reminder to participate in prior to eating and digesting that which gives us life.

The Rain Barrels have Arrived!

And just in time. We have installed several rain barrels on the farm and are collecting lots of water. The plants love all the rain water that is being given to them. It is such a great way to utilize one of nature’s best gift.

We purchased them from a local distributor in Red Hook, Hudson Valley Rain Barrels

Krishna called . . . and I listened

This past weekend I was feeling overwhelmed with all that needed to be done on the Field. We have thousands (literally) of seedlings going strong in the greenhouse and we’ve been prepping the earth. All of the sudden a voice called and it was the Krishna Tulsi (one variety of Holy Basil) asking to be potted up. This plant is one of the many miracle workers. So amazing is this herb that the Government in India utilized this plant ally to help curb pollution around the Taj Mahal.  Holy Basil is helping to preserve this sacred site. Check out the article in the Times of India here.  Imagine what wonders this plant is capable of doing for the human body.

It is Beginning

The ball is starting to roll. I had to take some time to reconnect with the mother nature and settle in to the rhythms of country life. We have managed accomplished quite a bit so far. We purchased the Field wagon which will serve as our apothecary on wheels. We also managed to get the greenhouse up so we are ready for planting seedlings in the Spring. I can’t wait to be an advocate for the plants. I’ve been doing it in a passive way but I look forward to being more active and living with them side by side. I know magical things will happen and I can’t wait to share these happenings with those who are willing to take part in this incredible journey.

Job Titles

Dana Eudy Sr Photographers Agent
Michael Eudy Man of Many Hats (ie Artist, Fabricator, Stay at Home Dad, Landlord, Husband)

Dana Eudy Herbalist Farmer and Apothecarian @ The Field
Michael Eudy Man of Many hats along with Herbalist Farmer and Apothecarian @ The Field

who is your friend?

when it comes to disease – symptoms are our friends. they communicate what the body needs to say.

our goal is to be aware and available to listen.

the gift

Resonate. Resonance. I takes me back to the Last Lecture once again. I’m so thankful for this book and the story of Randy Pausch’s life to come in to my awareness. In one chapter he asks “What were my childhood dreams?”  One of them that comes to mind rather vividly is my interest in the botanica around the corner from my father’s shop on South Flores in San Antonio. My intrigue in Vodoo, Santeria and the cuandera that my father used to visit. My longing as an adult to work with a medicine man. The timing isn’t right at this moment in my life to do something such as this but I know I will grow old studying and learning from a variety of “healers” and how they are able to help others. I’ve been contemplating why I want to do this. What is it about this desire? Partly, I want to carry on the tradition of folk medicine. It is also very empowering to know how to treat oneself.

But what else is there to all of this? The questions were bubbling up and as luck would have it, we discussed the concept of healer and wounded healer archetype in my last class at Teleosis. I’ve been struggling for perhaps the last 6 to 9 months on what it means for me to be a healer. It was really helpful to to begin to put this in a context. I’m not sure I personally relate to the wounded healer so much as the healer. Yes I’ve been wounded but I think to not be wounded is abnormal. So maybe I might say most are wounded in some capacity. However, I am having difficulty with the feeling of “giftedness” by my some of my abilities.   Not so much to heal others because I’m not in this role yet but I do feel that healing energy comes to me in a relatively natural way. The idea that one is born in to this world to heal others – does this make one “special.” I want to be careful of this thinking. I like the way my husband put it, it is a gift that must be shared and given to others. I want to think of myself more as a conduit that others should be able to utilize.

i had a dream and the elder appeared in the form of a 2 headed sheep

where to begin?

this weekend i plan to make elderberry syrup. it is such a great immune builder. and so simple to make. the one thing that i’ve learned is how easy it is to make home made medicine. it doesn’t have to be so difficult. if everyone could be more educated on how to treat common illnesses it wouldn’t be such a burden on the current healthcare system. i wished a politician would have the courage to make this statement and take this stance.  imagine if the world could be a place where doctors could be relieved a bit. if we were all a bit more responsible for our own health. i have personally experienced such a sense of empowerment in learning how to work with all the medicine that mother nature  provides.  it is possible to learn how to treat oneself on at least the basics.

it make me want to sing “i’d like to teach the world to make a syrup or a tincture. i’d like to buy the world a tea and treat it with a herb” i’m sure you can imagine the jingle.

elderdberry syrup

dried elderberries
local honey

put dried elderberries in 4 qt of water and simmer the elderberries until the water has reduced by half. add 1 cup of honey and let simmer until liquid thickens. pour syrup in brown bottle and store in refrigerator