i had a dream and the elder appeared in the form of a 2 headed sheep

where to begin?

this weekend i plan to make elderberry syrup. it is such a great immune builder. and so simple to make. the one thing that i’ve learned is how easy it is to make home made medicine. it doesn’t have to be so difficult. if everyone could be more educated on how to treat common illnesses it wouldn’t be such a burden on the current healthcare system. i wished a politician would have the courage to make this statement and take this stance.  imagine if the world could be a place where doctors could be relieved a bit. if we were all a bit more responsible for our own health. i have personally experienced such a sense of empowerment in learning how to work with all the medicine that mother nature  provides.  it is possible to learn how to treat oneself on at least the basics.

it make me want to sing “i’d like to teach the world to make a syrup or a tincture. i’d like to buy the world a tea and treat it with a herb” i’m sure you can imagine the jingle.

elderdberry syrup

dried elderberries
local honey

put dried elderberries in 4 qt of water and simmer the elderberries until the water has reduced by half. add 1 cup of honey and let simmer until liquid thickens. pour syrup in brown bottle and store in refrigerator